July 28th, 2003


Short Post

Yup. I'm still alive.

It was a long weekend. I am now officially a godfather. Did family stuff (i.e. baptism and party) Saturday. Crashed from the mother of all food comas about 30 minutes after getting home last night. Slept for about 6 hours. Totally screwed up my sleep schedule today.

When I did finally wake up today, I ended up doing paperwork for work and figuring out what I want to do to the house in the next couple of months as people come to visit and I host various gatherings.

All things considered it was a productive and reasonably entertaining weekend, but right now I'm about ready for a break, not for the beginning of the week. Oh well. Sleep now. Work later.
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Car (nearly) go boom...

I almost blew up Molly's battery this morning. That got me thinking that perhaps, today isn't the best day for me to try any death defying stunts. Considering how much trouble I'm having getting out of the house so far, I think my normal luck is running a tiny bit low/negative today.

I'll ramble about my adventures in car repair later (once I get things sorted out). It actually wasn't my fault that the battery almost blew up and the fact that I caught the problem before it actually went boom is a Good Thing, but still. That's not the way to start the week. My cars shouldn't be out to get me ;).

Right now I'm waiting for one of our workers to show up so I can take a quick trip to the auto parts store to get a new battery and cables (just to be on the safe side). Hmmm... looks like he's here. Gotta run.
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The joys of hard copies...

I got my first batch of photos back from www.ofoto.com. I have to say, I'm impressed.

I uploaded several random pictures that I had taken with the Elph at 1600x1200. I had them printed out as 4x6s & 5x7s (for the snapshots) and several 8x10s (for artistic/landscape-ish stuff). I was really impressed with the results. I'm definitely going to frame the 8x10s, they came out really good.

I don't know that I'll be ordering from them very often (they're decently priced, but not cheap), but if nothing else at least they've solved my long standing problem of how to get actual physical copies of my digital photos. My current setup is actually pretty good for printing photos and images in general, but the results aren't quite 100% photo quality (more like 90-95%). Once you factor in the cost of actual photograph paper, ink for the printer, and time to properly print them, the ofoto option is actually not that expensive. I'll probably have to play around with this some more, but I suspect I'll print random or urgent stuff with my setup here and the stuff that I want to be able to frame and keep will be printed out through them.

I know that places like Wally-world have options for printing out digital photos and such, but the nice thing about this setup is that once I take the pictures, I can edit them (if necessary) and upload them without leaving the house (and at any time I want). There's also less chances of having the photo booth jockey screw up my pictures since I can do the entire picture setup from here and they'll print out what I tell them to.

One nice thing about this experiment is that it got me thinking about doing more "real" photography again. I've been carrying around the Elph most of the time for the last 8 months or so, but I'm thinking I want to wander around more and try to take more nifty pictures. I take quite a few random snapshots during family gatherings and just in general, but I miss the thrill of seeing really kick ass photos that I took. I was rather surprised at how good some of the random spontaneous shots turned out. I have several others that I may get printed as time and $$ permit.

Of course, now I need to go buy some picture frames.
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