August 2nd, 2003


The sky's falling...

... or at least portions of my walls were. I got help from my brother's SO in order to do repair work on the walls. We managed to patch several of the bigger, more annoying holes that I'd wanted to deal with, but there's still a lot left to do. In fact, I now have one new hole to take care of. Apparently in order to repair plaster lathe walls, you often have to destroy portions of them. Interesting. However, the results, so far, have been quite encouraging so I'm not too worried.

On the whole, the morning was good because he didn't find anything horribly wrong with any of the walls, just stuff that's to be expected in an ~73 year old house. Of course, now significant portions of the house are in disarray and some parts are in shambles, so after I take a break, I think I'll be doing some more patching and then some serious cleaning up. It looks like I will finally be painting some of the rooms this coming week/weekend (largely due to having rather large patches of walls that need paint, and having company due and various events happening in the next couple of weeks/months ;).

Anyways, time for lunch now. I'll post pictures of the shambles later.
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