August 7th, 2003


The Trip & The Show...

... or, how Victor ended up driving nearly 1000 miles in 2 days.

So, let's see. I ended up working a bit later than expected on Monday. I didn't get to Dave's until a bit before 1. We picked up Ally and headed out of town. We drove about 130 miles before Molly had a fit. I'm probably going to end up having to replace her engine in the very near future. Joy.

Rather than risk ending up stuck on the side of the road, I carefully lead Molly back to my folk's place so that I could grab my mom's truck. So much for the best laid plans of mice & dragons. We made it back into town without any major problems (and I've actually been using Molly the last couple of days, I just didn't think she would make reliably make the entire trip). We transferred stuff over to the other truck (affectionately known as the BRRoL) and headed out again (losing only 4 hours in the process).

The second attempt at making it to Albuequerque proved much more successfull and Big Red got us there in good time. We drove by the Sunset Theatre right around 9pm and we heard a band that definitely wasn't the Rev. So we booked it to the hotel, Dave got us checked in and we quickly dropped off our stuff, washed up and headed out again. We made it to the theatre by around 9:45-ish and got in while no one was playing. We established that the Rev hadn't come on yet (which took a huge load off my back) and we chatted for a few minutes until the show started. All told, we were there for, maybe 10 minutes before the Rev came onstage. Damn good timing considering how much stuff hand't worked out as planned. Finally, we had:

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The Post Show...

... was actually not all that eventful. Mostly this is just an excuse to put up some more (rather amusing) pictures (taken legally this time).

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After hanging out with folks and generally being goofy, we finished up the night at:

Where we partook of much good (and cheap) food, found out some interesting things about certain people, and generally had a good time.

There are more stories to tell, but it's late and I need to be up early tomorrow, so you'll have to settle for pictures for now. Besides, if traditional wisdom is to be believed, six pictures = six thousand words ;).
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