August 19th, 2003

purple dragon

Get the fire extinguisher ready...

So, yet another birthday has come and gone (or will in about 10 minutes).

Having just done the 1,000 post ramble recently I'm not all that inclined to ponder the meaning of life and all that jazz.

I worked today, then had my family over to my place for b-day stuff. I had fun and I got a few nifty gifts (nothing extravagent, but stuff that I really enjoyed).

L called shortly after everyone left and we talked for a while. That made my day/night... possibly even my week ;).

I still need to finish the Carlsbad pictures. Blah.

I'm tired, but I need to put away ye olde leftovers before they get funky. I figure I have food to last me through the week, weekend and possibly into next week. My family doesn't quite know how to make small portions of food for gatherings... we cook as if we're expecting 40 people (not the standard 20 +/- 3 ;).

Randomly took this amusing, slightly morbid picture:

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