August 26th, 2003


Thoughts from and inspired by the motion picture, Bowling for Columbine...

So, last week, I finally saw Bowling for Columbine. I'd managed to not see it for one reason or another for a long while. When I finally sat down to watch it, I was expecting something that would really annoy me. After all, I grew up with guns (heck an arsenal) in the house, and I have first hand experience of how guns can be a good thing[*].

Someone I know was commenting on the movie recently and one of the pages that she mentioned pointed out that Bowling for Columbine manages to stumble across the line between fact and fiction. I was really surprised to read that dissection of the movie. Not because I was shocked that Moore would do that (I've always felt that his work has more spin than fact), but rather that he did it so blatantly and extensively. Looking back, I remember casually thinking that many of the things in the movie didn't quite make sense (e.g. the Heston/NRA speeches did not sound like the standard properly spun speeches that I've heard in the news).

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Crikey! First Gerbils, now Spam!

I was just checking my old email address. This is just wrong:

{buzzword-bingo 4:17pm} ~ =>msgchk
You have 5921 messages (24294794 bytes) on
{buzzword-bingo 4:17pm} ~ =>

I'm pretty sure I checked it sometime last week (when I was playing around with the Carlsbad pictures). So at most it would have been about 7 days since I checked it.


That's about:

756 emails / day
32 emails / hour
40 bytes / second

or an average of 1 email every 2 minutes.

The depressing thing being that I think I only recieved 50-60 legitimate messages in the last week.

Furthermore, in the amount of time it took to incorporate all that mail (i.e. inc; rm inbox/*), I recieved another 11 messages totalling 34296 bytes. Ick.
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