September 2nd, 2003


Back to the grind...

Well, my weekend was not as productive as I had hoped.

I did make a significant dent in the mess that is my garage, but it's still not 100%. Therefore I didn't really get to work on any of the 1,000,001 other projects that rely on some amount of garage usefullness.

This would be discouraging except that I'm actively tweaking my plans for the backyard so the delays are largely due to standing around scratching my head trying to figure out better ways of arranging things and actively seeing how some things aren't working as I'd hoped/expected. So basically it's entertaining me if nothing else ;).

Now though, I find myself sleepy, but not quite eager to go to bed. Tomorrow I get to dive back in and figure out how to solve the business problems we're having. I've got some promising leads on things, but I won't feel better about al this until things are actually sorted out and in writing (preferably in black, not red ink ;).

So yeah. I have lots of stuff to think about, lots of stuff to do, and I'm not entirely sure where to start with any of it. Anyways, time for bed. I'm sure I'll figure this all out in the morning.
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Tag! you're.... where did everbody go?


Yet another day of playing telephone tag with people who either didn't show up to work, or just aren't near their office phones today. I hate this feeling of being stuck in neutral. I want this work stuff to get resolved one way or another so that I can go onto the next step (whatever that may be).

Right now I'm sitting here waiting to talk to people or waiting to hear back from them.


Back to watching my screensaver.
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