September 4th, 2003

purple dragon

Pleasantly exhausted....

I got my last birthday present today. It was partially from my folks and partially from myself.

It's an erg (i.e. rowing machine) from

Not the cheapest toy ever, but definitely something that meets my current needs and which I know I will use a lot. We had one in both dorms I lived in during college and I really enjoyed using them frequently. Now, I can work out whenever I want and I can do it without worrying about getting hurt (very intense no impact workout, perfect). That was the main reason I didn't pursue Rugby now that I'm out of college. Getting hurt when a big part of my job requires that I be out and about on jobsites etc... is a Bad Thing. I will risk it snowboarding and mountain biking, but I know that if I'm careful and I don't hot dog it too much, I probably won't get seriously hurt (unlike say Rugby were someone else could try to take my head off).

This new erg is just, wow. I actually got their newest model (which was just released this month). It's pretty damn impressive (hey, how many pieces of exercise equipment come with a USB port? ;). Today, I did ~500m for warm-up, a fast 5,000m work out and a 500m cool down (total time about 40min). I will be paying for my enthusiasm tomorrow, but it's good to know that I can hop on and work on this anytime I get stressed or feel the need to do something. Oh, and I really have to give credit to the manufacturer, I'm really impressed with all the support that Concept2 has for their product. I've never seen another piece of exercise equipment that has so much useful maintenance and general workout information and support. Very cool.

Right now, I'm definitely enjoying ye olde runner's high. Anyways, time to shower, brush teeth and pass out.... hopefully in that order.
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Hmmm... no pain...

I was pleasantly surprised to sleep like the proverbial dead last night. In fact, I woke up a tiny bit late (oops). However, I did wake up feeling great this morning. I may need to do the working out stuff earlier in the evening in order to avoid being a bit amped up right before bed though. It's been a while since I could seriously work out really late at night and I'm remembering some of it's drawbacks (in college it wasn't an issue since I was often night shifted anyways)

I think working out around 8 or 9 (at the latest) should leave me ready for bed at a reasonable time. I might also consider working out in the AM, before work, but I have my doubts about doing that ;).

Anyways. time to play some more telephone tag and continue waiting for work stuff to be sorted out.
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