September 5th, 2003



I may have spoken too soon about not being sore.

I was horribly sore last night after I worked out. Even after I took something for it, I did not sleep all that well, but I still managed to wake up feeling pretty good (go figure). I did a decent bit better on my times (which may have contributed to my body staging a revolt when I tried going to bed). I'm still trying to figure out what a "reasonable" workout schedule/goal would be. When I used to seriously do any rowing, I was 100% in the "young and invincible" stage combined with having a life measured in semesters and the Rugby season. Now I'm having to figure out long term goals and such (particularly given the disturbing health trends I'm seeing in some of the older members of my family).

Anyways... another day of playing telephone tag. Things are slowly but surely being worked out, but I'm really starting to get fidgety not having stuff to do throughout the day. Ugh.
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