September 8th, 2003



As expected now that I really needed to be able to sync the Treo, I was able to figure out why it hadn't been working before. When I upgraded to RH9, the permission on the serial port were re-set and normal users couldn't access it anymore. A quick chmod and it's all better. Games and such are being restored to the Treo and I've lost minimal data (and no software/games ;).

The day is going ok so far. Well except for two arguements so far. Right now I'm just waiting for the full restore to finish before I can head out to deal with work stuff (and avoid dealing with 'rents for a while)
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superfly t.n.t.

While I sit here trying to untense my shoulders...

Note to self: NEVER go to the bank around lunchtime ever again unless it's a matter of life and death and you really like the people involved.

Ugh. It took me 50 minutes to go to a bank that is about 3 miles away from the office. Not only did I end up in the line behind the dumbest person ever (it took this lady 5 tries to figure out how to do what she needed to do and in the end, she sent the canister back empty so it took a little while for the next person in line to have it sent back), but on the drive to and from, I had to deal with annoying little ricers that were just begging to be crushed.

I've heard many people complain about SUVs and how poorly most people drive them, but you know, based on what I saw this afternoon, people in little cars tend to do some really stupid things too. I mean, I'm driving a big ass Bronco, how the fuck can anyone justify almost changing lanes INTO it? I mean one guy almost put the his front fender into (well under) my passenger door while trying to change into my lane. One girl was zooming down the road changing lanes like mad and almost ran into Molly's rear end. I mean, how do you run into a big blue truck's rear end in the daytime? I was just driving in my lane and this girl nearly drove her car up Molly's tailpipe (and no, she wasn't on a cell phone). WTF?

Then there are the high school kids who insisted on crossing the street outside of a school zone (at a corner amazingly enough) but through a GREEN light? I mean they're just walking on through the green like there's nothing at all wrong with that. Gah, I almost wished that someone had come racing through one of the other lanes. Not neccesarilly to actually hit them, but maybe just to make them get a clue, however small it might have been. Sheesh, and people wonder why there are several traffic accidents near schools ever year.

Either Darwin was wrong, or our society has produced a harder to kill breed of idiots.
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purple dragon

Pleasanty tired...

Well today turned out to not be so bad after all.

I hung out with A (yes, A) for a while this afternoon and that was cool. Nothing exciting or gossip worthy to report, but it was still cool to hang out and talk. I think I'll make more of an effort to socialize with her in the future.

Eventually I got home and watched the Brian/Butch episode of Queer Eye. I'm definitely enjoying this series. It's not perfect, but it has lots of interesting tips and the guys are just genuinely fun to watch and listen to. They're educational and entertaining. They remind me of several folks I know. It's also surprising how much random stuff they throw out that I (as a geeky straight guy) didn't know or hadn't really thought about. I've been a bit bored lately so I'm definitely considering some image change suggestions from the series.

After all that, I made some sandwiches (for dinner after the workout) and headed to the rowing machine for my evening work-out. I took Sat & Sun off, and I was surprised that I once again broke my previous record for the 5,000m. Now I'm down to 23m57s. Not bad at all. Ultimately I want to get to the point where I can do about 10,000m in 45 minutes-ish (and I'd also like to be able to maintain that pace for a full 60 minutes). I'm almost at the halfway mark as far as speed goes, but I still have a ways to go so I can actually survive the full 10km or 60 minutes. It's nice to see how quickly my body is adapting to (and more importantly craving) the significant new amounts of physical activity I'm putting it through. Once I'm feeling comfortable with the pace I'm setting, I'll also start working in weight training every other day (and doing about 6 days a week of actual exercise).

I'm a man with a mission. I'm going to lose the flab, or have a seizure trying ;).

Anyways, I started writing this post to kill time until I took my shower. I was a wee bit tired from the workout and I wanted to catch my breath before jumping into the shower. Showering with legs that felt like jello just didn't seem like a good idea ;). However, now I'm feeling quite groovy (yay endorphins!) so I'm going to shower and then have dinner (suddenly, I'm really really really hungry).

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