September 14th, 2003


Yay furniture...

Well I wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped but that was entirely due to spending more time than anticipated painting things. I kept touching up the things I had painted. I'm rather pleased with the results. Not perfect and not chic, but nice, and simple. Oh, and extremely functional. I also got to practice painting and I'm fairly impressed with how little paint I got on myself. 99% of the paint actually ended up on the things being painted. There was very little waste at all (and considering how clumsy I can be this is really saying something).

I'll post pictures later. Right now I need to finish bringing stuff in the house and then I desperately need a shower... for some odd reason my shoulders/back are wicked sore, I'm not sure if it's from rowing or from painting. I guess we'll see about that when I row tonight.
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