September 17th, 2003


Grr... no 'net...

So in case any of you all are wondering why I'm not responding and such on LJ this week, well the 'net is down in the office and I usually multi-task computer stuff and LJ stuff from there. Or I'll be on hold and reading/replying to stuff, etc... Basically if not for LJ and such I tend to get very fidgety sitting at a computer for hours on end (The Neverending Paperwork)

The one bright spot to this is that I discovered the joys of Kolf (i.e. KDE Mini-Golf) and this serves as a nice distraction.

I don't do much LJ at home because I end up far away from the computer doing house stuff. Blah. I've decided to catch up on LJ tonight though, as I've had a long day and I'm not in the mood to do house stuff today.

Posts, comments, and replys coming shortly.
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