September 30th, 2003



I still haven't returned the broken phone.


Well because The UPS Store (formerly mailboxes etc...) doesn't take FedEx drop offs anymore. So this means that when I did finally swing by there I discovered that the trip was a total waste of time... Well aside from getting to admire the cute girl in the tight female equivalent of the UPS store uniform... seriously, this looked like fairly tight, skimpy (as in hot pants-esque shorts) work out wear with UPS logos on it... Personally I'd say it was really close to not being work-appropriate... granted, I didn't mind but it did take me by surrpise.

Hmmm... actually I guess that relative to how little I had gone out of my way to hit the store, that show made up for it, but it still left me with the problem of finding a place to drop off the phone. So I meandered on over to my house to look online and see where I can send it off from. So I need to drop it off, swing by Lowe's for some building supplies and I can pretty much call it a day. A rather boring and uneventful day so far.

Oh and since I'm feeling meme-ish...

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