October 5th, 2003



Why do programs insist that you have to have a version of Internet Explorer > 6 installed on your computer? I tried installing a new version of Autocad LT this morning and it insisted that I needed IE > 6. Why?

Since I am a big fan of Autocad, I will install it, but that was an annoying development. There are reasons why I don't have a newer version of IE on my machine (e.g. having to agree to a new EULA from Micro$oft, exposing my system to new security vulnerabilities/features from Micro$oft, etc...) and I don't think drafting software should care what web browser I am running. Grr...
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Well, I've been quite productive drafting monkey today. I've spent the last few hours playing with the new version of Autocad and drawing up some new floorplans to give to the RE.

I still have a decent bit of work to do though. Drawing these designs up got me thinking though.

So far we've built two of the buildings that I've designed, but in both cases, the design was largely driven by clients. The first building was the first house we built last year where the lady basically told us how much space she wanted for everything and I figured out how to put that into a coherent house. The second was the duplexes we built on Trowbridge. Those were built for us, but I based the division of space on what we had built before. So even though the layout is very different from what we had built, the ratio of public space to bedrooms/bathrooms etc... was fairly similar.

So now the designs I'm doing are pretty much just based on the lots that are available and I'm trying to make them as appealing as possible to people who might want to buy a house. With a little luck, this should be a nice entry into the home builder market. Heh, yeah a little luck being defined as an assload of work and planning and some good fortune too. It's a bit nerve racking though. I'm drawing up designs that I want people to like enough to pay us to build them. Perhaps this isn't rocket science, but still. Putting your work out there in the hopes that people dig it is surprisingly stressful. Particularly when it would be a Very Good Thing business-wise if you do well at this.

Oh well, back to the grind before I really freak myself out about this.
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