October 26th, 2003

purple dragon

A grey day...

Hmmm... I had forgotten just how grey days in Boston can be. It's still fairly early out and it's very dark and grey. I didn't actually do anything exciting today. I spent the morning curled up and reading. Once I was done with the book, I spent the next couple of hours playing around with some building designs for my house and for potential other houses.

I was considering wandering out a bit, but Christie should be home shortly and I may hang around here instead to provide some more amoral support in the painting and spackling department. I'm curious to see how she's tackling the painting since I'm quite impressed with her kitchem, front entry, living and dining rooms. Who knows, perhaps I'll do the chair rail thing for some of the rooms in my house (still thinking about it).

Yesterday was quite cool. I slept late and then I helped Christie putter around the house a bit. Ok, so help was more in the form of talking while she put up chair rail, but it's the thought that counts right? (besides, I'm on vacation ;)

Eventually I got a ride out to Kendall to catch Bubba Ho-Tep with jetgrrl01 and memento_mori. I really enjoyed the movie and I had a great time hanging out with Becca and Jared. After the movie, we met up with one of Jared's gaming friends and headed to Hah-vad Square in search of food.

After wandering around the square for a while in search of the mythical "restaurant with less than 30 minutes wait time" we ended up at a very good vietnamese restaurant (which had actually been our first choice). It took a while to get seated, but while the guys went up to Newbury Comics to peruse the newest arrivals, I hung out with Becca while we waited and chatted, we eventually got seated and had a very tasty meal (except for a rather.... interesting shake that Jared ordered... *cringe*). I was quite pleasantly stuffed with my own dinner selection.

Once dinner was over I said good-bye to folks and headed to the T stop. I made my way to MIT and to Athena as I posted about last night. plymouth showed up and we hiked over to ye olde Student Center and we hung out a while talking. It was quite cool getting to meet up with people again and talk face to face. It had been quite a few years since I had seen Xta and Becca. I'll have to make a point of visiting folks more often in the future.

So finally, Xta gave me a ride back to Christie & Eric's place where I started reading the book that I was reading this morning and I stayed up a while reading.

All in all, not a big and exciting weekend, but definitely the kind of thing I needed. It's nice stapping back from the day-to-day grind and relaxing. Heh, that's probably something else I should make a point of doing more often from now on.
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