October 27th, 2003


Rain rain rain...

Today was fairly laid back as was expected.

I headed over to MIT with Christie in an attempt to see Eric's class, but we got there a wee bit late and ended up not making it in time (and didn't want to crash). So we wandered over to the card office where I got my fancy shmancy MIT Alum card which opens the various publicly accessible card locked parts of the 'tute and lets me into any "MIT Community-only" events.

It's kind of a weird feeling. Forevermore I'm somehow attached to MIT (assuming they don't disavow me at some point ;). If I ever have kids and they apply to go here, they get a few bonus legacy points, I can wander around campus at my leisure, etc... Yes, this has been the case since I graduated, but for some reason the fact that I could walk into the card office and just ask for the card made it seem more real. There wasn't any hassle or inconvenience, they just looked at my ID, looked my name up in the system and gave me the alum card. Kinda cool.

After doing a couple of errands, we came back and had pseudo sushi before getting down and being crafty with several hours of glass chipping for use in glass mosaics. Christie was showing me a bit of how the glass mosaic stuff works and I was making little pieces of glass. It seems like a neat thing to do in addition to stained glass (definitely a good thing to do with the scrap pieces).

Finally, she and Eric were heading out to Harvard to eat with some friends so I wandered back over to MIT for my last-ish look at the 'tute for this trip. Ah, memories. I had a Laverde's sub on the steps of the great dome at Killian court (it's a big grassy court and that vantage point has a gorgeous view of downtown Boston, I spent many many a summer evening having dinner there). Then I headed over to H^2 for a final visit to Newbury Comics and aquisition of reading material.

Of course, on my way to H^2 it started to rain... and rain... and rain... and rain. I was reminded how nice it is to not have to deal with weather. I was also reminded how difficult it can be to find a restroom in the Boston/Cambridge area (the notion of the public restroom is foreign to the cities around here.... so much for cultural superiority ;). Some speed walking in the rain was called for, but I made it back here safe and sound and my coat proved itself quite adept at handling rainy situations. It was a bit warm for it tonight, but it kept me nice and dry (it even deflected 100% of the spray from some asshole in a big van hitting a big puddle as I walked by).

Now I'm here, and I have some snacks and some books so I'm going to curl up and read for a while before calling it a night. Nothing quite like being nice and warm and comfy after spending a couple of hours treking about town in the rain
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Oh yeah...

It's my dad's birthday today.

I remembered to call him. Go me.

Thursday is my mom's birthday.

I should be home by then (assuming no major SNAFUs with planes and such)
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