November 1st, 2003


A note about Halloween.

I got exactly zero trick or treaters. Errr I mean zero trick or treaters came to the house (although the snares out back caught a couple in the alley :-p )

My neighborhood was quite dead all night. Apparently this neck of the woods isn't all that big with kids and whatnot. Funny, but I suspect that's about the case with grown-ups as well. This neighborhood/area just seems to get forgotten by most folks. Now that's an interesting train of thought. Oh well. More candy for me to give out to friends and family who visit (I do have something of a sweet tooth, but it's not big on candy per se).

As far as being sick goes, I'm fairly certain that the worst is probably over and it wasn't all that bad. I pretty much just felt totatlly wiped out and somewhat sniffly today. Some of that was probably due to the nyquil which I've been liberally chugging all day too. We'll see how I'm doing tomorrow. Hopefully better since I do have a lot to do to get my place ready between now and thanksgiving (which I volunteered to host at my place) and weekends are the best times for doing mass amounts of stuff.

So anyways, yeah. I listened to lots of TV, read a couple of books, and had pizza delivered while I mostly stayed curled up under a blanket. I think I'm going to do a bit more of that before heading off to bed (where I can curl up under a different blanker ;).
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