November 3rd, 2003


Nose to the grindstone....

Yup, I'm definitely getting old. I'm still a bit sick today and not once did I seriously consider not coming in to work. Nope, I have several random things to deal with and I disintinctly remember thinking that "I'm not that sick"

So far the highlight of the day has been finding out that I can have up to 20 user pics. Ah, geek joy. Yes, I already put up a few user pics, I need to come up with some new ones though. I'm feeling creative (in that highly specific lj-user-picture kind of way). I also need to get around to redoing the networking in the office and I might as well take a stab at doing some networking in my lair soon.

However, right now I have to run off and do bop around town delivering a few random papers and such. Joy.


Ok, I'm off.
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Subject: Red Hat Linux end-of-life update and transition planning

....Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for Red Hat Linux 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 8.0 as of December 31, 2003. Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for Red Hat Linux 9 as of April 30, 2004. Red Hat does not plan to release another product in the Red Hat Linux line.

Hmmm so add finding a new flavor of linux to get comfy with to my list of things to do that didn't get done for today.


(althought I do find the concept of an "end-of-life update" highly amusing..... "Update now and receive absolution absolutely free, enter the afterlife without any of those pesky mortal sins of your past following you around and leading to potentially unpleasant side trips to hell, purgatory, or limbo... act now supplies limited")
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skull & cross bones

Should I laugh or scream?

So, today was... eh. Not as productive as it needed to be, but still busy. I was/am still sick enough that after about 7 hours of non-stop running around (granted some of this was doing stuff I wanted to do) I crashed for a couple of hours on the couch at my parents place before having dinner there and then coming home.

As I was pulling Molly into the backyard, I managed to rip a hole in one of her tires. It looks like a random branch did it. It's a fairly impressive looking gash and it resulted in insta-flat.

Now here's the surreal part. I manage to get Molly fully in the driveway before the flat finishes flattening and I'm struck by how amusing the situation is. I mean, really it was dark and I'm sick/tired and not in the mood to deal with it so all things considered, ripping a hole in the tire as I'm parking is really not that bad. It's the kind of thing that is annoying, but which could have been many times more annoying. Tomorrow, I just have to put the spare on Molly and take the tire to see if the tire store will honor the road hazard thing and (hopefully) get a new tire. Not a big deal really.

So, despite having a long stressful day, I seem to still be holding on to my cynical but optimistic outlook on life (possibly with a death grip ;). I think that's what's so amusing, I am very cynical, but shit like this happens and I kinda just shrug and blow it off instead of getting really bent out of shape, and it's not like I'm making the effort to do it either, that's just the way my brain seems to like working ("hope for the best, prepare for the worst").
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