November 5th, 2003


Road hazard

Remember that little road hazard problem I mentioned recently?

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I didn't get this dealt with today (i.e. yesterday) but it's on the agenda for tomorrow (i.e. later today).

I was having trouble sleeping tonight. I managed to do a little too much deep thinking about life and whatnot. That's never a good idea right before bed. Fortunately one of the convenient things that I've figured out from having ADD is that Mt. Dew is great for putting me to sleep....

*one 12-oz can later*

Ah, good, I'm unwinding as we speak. I should be totall zonked out in 15 minutes or so. Yeah, I know, my brain has some funky wiring issues going on.
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bruce lee

Random, day appropriate, meme...

"If you could get 10 knowledge modules installed in your head instantaneously right now, what would they be?"

(all answers assume highest possible level of knowledge, and ability to perform)

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