November 6th, 2003


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Why am I still awake at 4:29 am?


I am soooooo going to be paying for this tomorrow. However, note that I didn't say I'd be regretting it... ;)
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So I logged onto Athena this morning and I was informed that:

Account Deactivation Notice (4 November 2003)

This is to notify you that your Athena account is scheduled for deactivation on or shortly after January 14, 2004. If you are
currently enrolled in classes, are currently MIT Faculty or Staff, or are working with an MIT Faculty or Staff member on a project that requires the use of Athena, please contact Athena User Accounts by calling 253-1325, sending mail to, or stopping by the User Accounts office in N42 during walk-in hours

Oh well, 10 years isn't so bad for having an Athena account. There are a couple of things I could try in order to remedy this situation and keep my account, but I'm thinking that perhaps it's time to move on and find something else to use for an online presence. To some extent that's why I haven't been to eager in pursuing a new web page etc... My old account is useful, but it's not really me anymore. Even the username is more of a relic than something I really identify with (hmmm... the importance of online identity. Could be a useful research topic ;).

Still though it's hard to give up 500Mb of disk space with unlimited bandwidth.

Oh well, I have time to come up with some sort of plan. Of course one downside to losing that account is that I'd have to go back through all my posts and "fix" all the urls for images and stuff (how fun).
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