December 29th, 2003


A geeking I will go...

So hey, checkit out, a random non-angsty post. Will wonders never cease.

Yesterday, an old college buddy, Jeremiah and his bro stopped by my place. It was cool catching up on things and doing the geek thing talking about finances and such with someone in my age group (as opposed to say my folks or even my siblings who are all quite a bit further along in sorting out their financial stuff).

Ran around and did some work stuff (just an hour or so though).

Hit VI with el Dave last night.

I also picked up a couple of new games with xmas loot. Given my mood of late, it's probably not surprising that I grabbed Blood Rayne (be a vampire and get to kill lots and lots of nazi's) and Way of the Samurai (be a samurai and get to kill lots and lots of random folks).

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Oh, and weird thing I noticed recently, but I've actually lost weight this holiday season. I haven't really been trying too either. I've been doing a decent bit on the erg, but not as much as I want to so it seemed odd that I'm starting to see noticeable weight loss.

Granted yesterday I ended up eating a grand total of one meal... I did that Saturday & Friday too. What was odd is that it just sort of happened. I didn't intend to not eat, I just kept putting off sitting down and eating and before I knew it it'd be late enough I would just decide to wait until morning etc... Yesterday I even made a late lunch (Mmmm jambalaya) and didn't eat it because folks stopped by and then stuff had to be done etc... I ended up just tossing it in the fridge for this evening. Apparently being the absent-minded mad scientist/geek does have it's advantages ;)
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A virus?

Heh, I took these pictures the first time I booted mandrake on my dad's machine last week.

Well, at least I found this highly amusing:

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