January 23rd, 2004


Jury Duty

Well I get to go to jury duty tomorrow morning.

I'm extremely un-enthusiastic about this.

I'm not sure if I want to go in disguise as Very Clean-Cut Victor in the hopes of ending up on a jury (call it morbid curiosity) or whether I want to schlep in and hope they send me home right away.

Eh, we'll see what I feel like doing when I'm getting ready. Hmmm I should get my stuff laid out so I'm not running around too much in the morning.
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bruce lee

Mmmm DVD Goodness

I shouldn't be awake this early, but if nothing else at least I got notification that my RoboTech and Kenshin DVDs are shipping out or have shipped out so I should get them sometime next week.

Aside from the really crazy delivery times (on the order of a month+) buying them like this has been pretty cool. I'm getting the DVDs for less than half what they would cost through local suppliers and these should be better versions so that's a major plus.

Oh, well time to get ready.
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