January 27th, 2004

pen pen


Well I finally got my DVDs yesterday. So needless to say I was parked in front of the TV from the moment I got home until I was about ready to call it a night (that hadn't happened in quite a while). Of course then I logged on a for a bit and ended up chatting with some cool folks for a while before I actually did call it a night.

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In other news, it looks like the real estate deal is on track. The option period (i.e. the buyer pays you a small amount of $$ so that they can change their mind for X days w/o penalty) expired at midnight last night and I haven't heard anything (and in this case no news is good news). So today I need to make some calls and look into some of the stuff we want to get done now that we'll (hopefully) actually have some amount of liquidity in a few weeks.

Juggle juggle juggle....
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