February 10th, 2004



So, since I had trouble remembering which ringtones my phone had this last time I replaced it, I figured that I should just make a note of it so that I don't forget next time around... besides, this list amuses me:

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Driving happiness is....

... seeing the following in your rearview mirror as you speed away:

The large semi that was tailgating you and in fact nearly driving over you 5 minutes ago....

stuck behind:

The smoking crappy little 4-door POS that's in the fast lane and travelling about 10 miles under the speed limit that you were stuck behind 2 minutes ago...

and knowing that it won't be able to pass it because immediately next to the POS you have:

A large, equally slow moving, cargo truck.

Heh, that made my morning earlier.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled grind...
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