March 5th, 2004

bucky fishheads

Random thought...

Now, it goes without saying that I dislike spam intensely, but you know, after finding this bit o' gibberish:

Re: north remote reads falls family undertake blame

I kind of miss the days when the random spam that evaded my mail filters at least had amusing and vaguely understandable subject lines.
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purple dragon

Concert coolness...

Woo hoo!

I now have tickets to go see Flogging Molly and Modest Mouse in a couple of weeks :)

Is anyone else around these parts planning on going?
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zhaan silly

Odd couple....

Speaking of spammy goodness, I got an email from TicketBastard earlier. Normally I find their little newsletter to be rather annoying, but this time around the subject line caught my eye.

When I opened it, I found this (read the bottom part):

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