May 9th, 2004


Still here...

A quick post as I wait to get ready to rush out to M-day festivities.

Weekend has been good so far. Friday, we watched Van Helsing, and I introduced karen (the mystery friend) to Dave and hung out at VI Friday evening. Did house stuff and watched movies the early part of saturday. Then we walked the dags (boy are they getting spoiled ;) before making dinner and heading out to VI for hot fudge sundays and geeky talk (joined onced again by Dave).

Woke up today, watched some TV, found the MythBusters marathon on Discovery. Had a bit of weirdness, briefly debated ditching family fun for MythBusters but opted to avoid excessive family drama. We'll just have to carefully navigate one or two or a dozen minor details. What fun.

Ok, shower is ready. Time to run. More, later.
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