May 14th, 2004


Ye olde content-ful post

Well after a week of almost nearly no content I finally got around to starting to write a post earlier, but lo and behold the power went out.

A more smarter (or perhaps more superstitious) person might have taken this as a sign that maybe my LJ hiatus was a Good Thing (tm) but I spent about 20 minutes playing Tetris on my phone until the power came back and I am now typing madly away.

Hmmm... so I promised content. Well let's see... The long visit is going well, but I will save details of that for a friends-only post at some point. I've also discovered the joy of Bit Torrent and for the first time in a long time none of my machines are running any version of M$ software. Although in all fairness this is largely due to my waiting for certain torrents to finish up more so than my not wanting it on my machine.

I've been dealing with some house stuff, some work stuff and some general socialization stuff (much fun). I don't really have a whole heck of a lot to report actually. This weekend looks to have a family gathering (wow 2 in as many weeks, a record or something ;) and a trip to Western Playland (the local carnival-esque amusement part). I don't know if Friday's party is or is not happening but I have some fun plans for this afternoon.

Well, now I'll be sitting around waiting for a call so I can go and do my money-collector bit. Sitting around on Friday's waiting for phone calls so you can go pick up money in order to do payroll and pay off bills is one of the joys of the self-employed.

Anyways. ttfn.
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