June 25th, 2004

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There are few things in life (well, working life at least) better than going to a meeting, throwing out a solution that you came up with and convincing everyone that it will work thereby wrapping up the meeting in about 10 minutes.

Then again it is Friday afternoon and folks may have just wanted to cut out early.

Eh, screw it. I got what I wanted and I'm going to be optimistic and feel groovy about it for the time being.
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Fahrenheit 9/11

So earlier, I checked out F9/11 with Dave. Even though I'm no great fan of Moore or his style of documentary (seems more like shockumentary half the time) I was intrigued to see that he seems to have learned from Bowling for Columbine (or perhaps he just had more ammunition from less bright people) and I have to give him credit for crafting a film that makes you think. Dave has mentioned how it's unlikely that anyone will change their mind after seeing this movie, but we both think that it's possible that some undecided folks may have to put some thought into the upcoming elections.

F9/11 is an odd movie. It's not a pretty film. It has some truly gruesome images (made all the more gruesome for being real) and it asks some really unpleasant questions. The thing realy struck me after watching is that it was suddenly easy to appreciate what it must have been like to be a normal German citizen after WWII. Two hours of seeing our leaders under a very unflattering microscope while simultaneously being bombarded by the effects of their decisions and their greed is pretty hard to take.

I think it's definitely a movie to check out regardless of your politics just to make you look more closely at the folks in power now and in the future. After all who else do they answer to if not us? They've appointed themselves the protectors of truth, justice, and the American way and, to borrow from a different Moore, who watches the watchers?

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I could (and may yet) go on about this, but I'm pretty wiped out. There is one thing that I'm extremely curious about. I have a broad question for anyone who happens to read this (and can answer without flaming, I really am curious about the answer). If you're conservative and/or Pro-Bush and you've seen the movie, what is your response? I mean I know Moore is certainly not Mr. Impartiality, but how do you rebuke everything in the movie? I really want to know, because if even half of what he brings up is true, he paints a picture of a pretty bleak, depressing and distressing situation here in the US. I'm not even talking about a great and evil conspiracy, just a bunch of greedy people with little to no regard for human life (especially if those humans happen to look or believe differently than they do). They just seem to be out to make an obscene amount of money and heaven help anyone who gets in their way.

I may not be fond of Moore, but at a conservative estimate, 3/4 of what I saw in his movie is stuff that I've seen bits and pieces of during the last 4 years, his editing is certainly fascinating, but not all that much of the movie is news. So what gives? How can someone discount everything he brings up and support our current "leaders"?
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