September 8th, 2004


The nice quiet neighborhood...

Last night was a bit odd.

I managed to get around to working on the erg a bit as well as doing some weight stuff. I'd been slacking a bit recently so I pushed myself fairly hard. Then I hopped in the shower and once I was non-icky I pretty much passed out fairly early.

Passed out that is until the cops pulled someone over in front of my house and proceeded to arrest him and have his car towed away (the entire process took about 30 minutes and there were very bright lights flashing in my window the entire time).

Eventually I went out and watched the show from my porch swing.

Despite being a very quiet neighborhood most of the time, I can't help but notice that odd and noteworthy stuff tends to happen around here more often than you'd expect.
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Getting the ball rolling...

Well, I did it. After poking around UTEP's website I finally called up one of the admission's counselors and she put me on track to figure out how to get back into grad school

I just emailed the Graduate Advisor for the Civil Engineering Department about my situation and I asked him for his suggestions on how to get back into grad school and into the Civil Engineering Department. I don't think it'll be too hard, but I want to get this sorted out now so that hopefully I can start up in the Spring 2005 term.

Now I get to sit around and wait a while until I hear back from him.

Ok, back to work.
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