September 25th, 2004

da vinci dragon

These folks make snails look downright hyper...

I finally heard back from the grad school folks at UTEP (just 1.5 weeks after they said they'd be in touch). My application has been forwarded to the CIv E department for consideration for next Spring. I'll hopefully hear back from them sometime in the not too distant future (i.e. before next Spring ;).

I got my Star Wars DVDs this afternoon and ended up watching Ep IV and fully enjoying ye olde surround sound and mega bass. Ahhh... the joys or using the basement as part of the sub-woofer (hehehehe ;).

More to write soon, but I'm tired. Sleep now.

A day off...

Wow, I have an actual day off. I haven't had a bona fide day off for about a month. This is so cool, I have nothing that needs to be done today. If I only managed to take a shower and get food the day would be a complete sucess. Mmmmmm sloth.

Although as luck would have it my brain is parsing "day off" as "day to do other stuff that you've been putting off for a while now"

Heh, typical. You know, for someone who has always identified as a slacker, I have a really really hard time not doing something at all times (the only problem is that I tend to have a hard time properly prioritizing things ;). Hmmm so I wonder what I will do today...

Oooo, I know. Time for breakfast.

Mmmmmm leftover pizza.
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