September 27th, 2004


The joy of "free nights and weekends"...

So in case any of you were curious about what I did with my official day off.


I ended up talking on the phone to a cute girl for about 8.5 hours. Ummm yeah, 8.5 hours. That would be about 510 minutes or 30,600 seconds.... Yeah.... Not what I had originally planned to do (or something I had ever done before in my life), but it was a surprisingly fun way to spend the day.

It was one of those all too rare "wow, we aren't even close to running out of stuff to talk about" kind of conversations. I finally took my leave when I had to get ready to go out with markusmisery and lostshady to go see The Forgotten. It was a fairly good movie, not quite my usual thing, but entertaining nonetheless... although I think the zombie conversations we had before and the fashion conversation we had afterwards were more entertaining ;)

Sunday was a rainy day and I spent a decent while on the porch reading and enjoying the rain and the porch swing. Since summer is slowly fading away the temperature was just about perfect for sitting outside. Then I had lunch with the 'rents, watched some more Star Wars stuff then headed out to VI with pfjunkie. We had an interesting dinner thanks to our friendly and cute but quite hapless waitress. Then we came back here and discussed new fan locations for Moya (because we're geeks and have to wring every last *C of cooling out of our systems). Then I stayed up playing Star Wars Battlefront for a while.

Today I ended up working from home and crunching lots and lots of numbers for work stuff. That's coming along well, but I still have a ways to go. If nothing else, at this rate I'll actually have all the spreadsheets memorized by the time I have to go present them to someone (which will hopefully be in a day or two).

and that pretty much sums up my weekend. Yet another deliriously exciting weekend in my fast paced mile-a-minute life :-p
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