October 5th, 2004


Working away

I spent a big chunk of the last few days fiddling with Audrey. I'll post an update to dragonzworkshop later detailing all the work. Long story short, it was nice being able to make her go from non-running to running ok-ish all on my own (well I had help from pfjunkie, but I figured out what to do and I got most of the hard stuff done on my own).

Work is pretty much dead today so I'm working on a little side project that lostshady hinted about. Hopefully I'll have my stuff sorted out and in a presentable format soon. It's kind of a random/goofy project, but it's fun. Yes, I intend to keep the details about this sketchy for the time being :-p

Oy, I have a headache. I think I overslept. I got a whole 6.5 hours of sleep and my back/neck is grumpy. Grumble.
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