October 29th, 2004


Still feeling blah...

... but I think I'll be ok-ish tomorrow. At least I hope so. I have stuff that needs doing and spending the day between the restroom and my bedroom doesn't leave much room for productivity.

I didn't get to sleep until after 6 this morning, but I slept pretty well until about 4-5pm. That helped a lot. I got up, had a baloney sandwhich (my only food for the day) and vegged a bit before going back to sleep again. I got up, caught up on LJ and now I'm debating whether I want to try to eat a little something before bed, or just hold off until breakfast. I'm leaning towards just taking some more medicine and some OJ and calling it a night.

I'm still feeling wiped out, but so long as I can sleep a decent bit tonight I should be able to get to work tomorrow, hopefully (heh, who would have thought I'd be hoping I could make it to work on a Friday?)