November 7th, 2004


Feed me Serymour...

Uneventful weekend.

Slept most of the weekend away in fact. Well I slept through most of Saturday and I didn't do much today. I don't remember if I managed to take a nap after lunch with my folks or if I just ended up reading comic books most of the evening.


No, I did take a nap. I'm missing about 3 hours of this afternoon and I vaguely recall waking up. Heh, how's that for sad? I take so many naps at this point that I can't remember if I did or didn't take one a few hours later?

I've officially lost about 10lbs since I got sick. I finally broke a long standing weight barrier too, I'm rather jazzed to see where I can go once I can get back to working out. Interestingly, even though I feel better, I still seem to only be able to eat about 1/3 of what I used to eat (at best). That more or less translates to one normal meal (or more usually about 2 half meals during the day). If I eat more than that, my stomach tends to get very grumpy. I'd be worried, but I am actually feeling a little bit better each day, it just seems like it's going to take forever to finally get back to 100%. Right now I'd say I'm at about 75% and improving maybe 3-5% a day. Last weekend and the first half of this last week was utter hell, but this weekend has pretty much been ok.

Grumble. I want to be better now damn it. Now now now.

Anyways, going to veg and watch TV a bit.
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