November 25th, 2004


Thanksgiving Rundown

Food: Excellent. Made 2 birds using snowninja7's suggestion for a spicy rub and my own improvisations and they came out quite yummy. We overestimated the time a tiny bit (but I checked early so no big deal). Apparently, in my oven 2 turkeys take about the same time to cook as a single turkey so long as they are approximately the same size. The breast was just a tiny bit dry, but overall it tasted great and there was much talk about how good they came out. The resulting gravy was d-vine. Everything else was quite yummy and despite the return of my stomach flu a couple of days ago (hence my recent lack of posting), I was able to enjoy a nice plateful of food (with minimal pain and suffering afterwards, woo-hoo).

Played on the PS2 with Robert (it's fun being the cool uncle who's actually better at video games than the kids ;), dozed off a bit with Isabella (my normally cranky 2 year old niece) napping on my lap. Everyone seemed to have a good time and despite things not going 100% to plan, everything worked out fine overall. I'm pleased.

I also managed to put most of the leftovers away (and I have a lot of leftovers), take a nap, talk to a cute girl (sadly, just on the phone), and now I just need to put out the trash (and I have a lot of trash) and finish cleaning up the kitchen.

All in all this was a great thanksgiving despite being re-sick and not getting as much done as I wanted to prior to the big day (my cleaning was subpar, but the bird was good so everyone was happy ;). Too bad I have to go to work in the morning, but oh well, it's likely to not be a long day, we just need to finish up some work and I might not even be needed much, we'll see.
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