December 8th, 2004


It's the little things in life...

.... like not feeling excrutiating pain, that make days like this rather pleasant.

As I mentioned to a friend earlier, the whole lying in bed doubled over in pain thing was getting old, but for now at least it seems to have past and I'm feeling almost back to normal now. My eating is still totally out of wack, but at least the pain is almost entirely gone today.

Yesterday my brother went in to have a spleenectomy so that caused a bit of stress in the family, but he made it through fine and he's hoping to be out of the hospital in the next day or two. I got to spend a couple of hours in the hospital talking to his wife last night and it was pretty cool. I don't think I'd talked to her for that long in the 4 or so years that they've been together. So that was a good thing.

Today I've been sitting around the office all day waiting for some calls and waiting so I could go out and deal with some paperwork stuff. Truly exciting and fascinating stuff I tell ya.

Anyways. I'm off now and hopefully later I can go check out Blade Trinity (because I'm a geek and I like movies like that).
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