December 13th, 2004


New Toy!!!!

Oooo, and before I forget, I got a new phone (LG VX6100) today.

Verizon may not be the cheapest carrier out there, but their service area can't be beat (around here at least if you're so far out in the sticks that they don't work, then nothing will work), they've always managed to do right by us in the customer service deparment and this time was no exception. They hooked us up with a bunch of good, new, and most importantly free phones and I was able to get one of them for myself (I had just replaced my previous phone in February after it broke I broke it for the 3rd time). Following parkero's lead, I called up their customer care line and complained (I am wheel hear me squeak) until they credited our accounts so I could re-download all of my old ringtones and games to the new phone (woo-hoo) for free. So I ended up with a bunch of new phones for the business and they were all free.

Sure there are cooler phones out there with tons of niftier features, but this one is good for now and it has all the features I wanted, plus it's new, plus it's free (free is very important this time of year ;). Besides, I should be able to upgrade again in a year or so (I basically switched numbers between my old phone and one of the new ones so that one will be due for an upgrade in about a year at which point I'll switch them back ;). It's days like that when it's nice to have a business and/or business account.

The only thing better than new toys is free new toys :)
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