January 14th, 2005


Cyberhome CH-DVD 300

According to the posts on this forum the Cyberhome CH-DVD 300 can be converted to be regionless by doing the following

  • Switch player on with no disc in the tray.
  • Close tray.
  • Press Menu, 1, 9.
  • A menu should appear with the region option.
  • Press enter and enter the region you want.
  • Press open/close tray putton and put in movie.

However this didn't work on mine. Pressing Menu, 1, 9 would bring up a box with the number 1 on it (for region 1) but on mine, the way to change the region setting was using the arrow keys. With those, I could scroll from 0-6. I set it to 0 (region-free) and so far it plays my region 2 and region 0 DVDs flawlessly.

Not only that, but it also plays PAL widescreen DVDs with no problem. The posts in that forum say that it improperly converts PAL to NTSC but apparently this newer version doesn't do that. Two of the DVDs were PAL and they looked perfect on my NTSC TV.

Not a bad deal for $38 and change, 10 minutes of googling, and about 20 minutes of fiddling with it before I hit upon the proper solution. Of course, now the question is how long it will last. If it's anything like my Apex DVD player (which I got about 3 years ago and also converted to regionless, but without the PAL/NTSC conversion abilities) even though a lot of folks say they suck, I haven't had any problems with it because I take reasonably good care of it (all it can really look forward to is getting dusty).

So here's hoping my luck holds with cheap-o hack-able DVD players :)
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