January 25th, 2005



I had a hard 11 hour workday today. We got a bit more than 2 full days worth of work done though and I was largely responsable for making sure it all got done, safely and efficiently. I also got to do a fair bit of work myself and some of it was stuff that my workers were saying couldn't be done (so that felt good ;).

Then I got home and realized that I was exhausted.

Ate dinner, crashed for about 4 hours, was dead to the world (missed a couple of calls), got up talked to cute girl for a while.

Haven't done my homework for tomorrow.

I'm awake now though so I'm going to get started on that and probably take a decent chunk of tomorrow off so I can finish it (hopefully).

Oy, I really need to get into the habit of tackling it earlier in the week. It's relatively easy stuff, but it tends to take a longish while to do. If I did a few problems a night during the week it would be a breeze (still used to the old "do it all at once" approach from my undergrad days).

Anyways, life is ok. Work has been killer and I've just been busy lately (hence the lack of posts). I'm getting things under control though so hopefully soon I'll actually get to posting about all my fantabulous adventures and whatnot.

At least that's the theory.
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