February 16th, 2005


Early morning excitement...

Still no linkable news reports, but apparently there was a shooting one street away from my house this morning. According to the morning TV news, it was a domestic disturbance call but that's still trippy. Since I tend to sleep like the dead, I didn't hear a thing and the only reason I knew something happened was because I noticed that the entire street was closed off as I left for work this morning.

This has been an odd week for my neighborhood. Yesterday there was an arson fire a few blocks away from my house and a few nights ago there was some medical emergency about 5 houses down from my house.

Kind of trippy. Despite that I still think my neighborhood is very safe. I've lived there for a little over 2 years and this is the only substantial bit of craziness that's ever happened. Apparently we're a little behind the curve when it comes to full moon inspired oddness.
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News Flash

So this is the EP Times article about what happened last night, apparently the morning news had some facts wrong earlier (for reference that street is immediately south of mine and the house in question is about 4 houses down so it's maybe 150 yards from my front door):

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