March 22nd, 2005


Thinking about what you read...

Ok, soapbox time kids.

A friend, and someone who I think quite highly of, posted a very negative reaction to this article recently:

No brain our gain, Senate tells bikers

It got me thinking (possibly a bad thing) and I wrote most of following long rant as a comment to her and I posted a version of it to one of the motorcycle communities where everyone seemed to also miss the point. I'm putting it here now and adding some more commentary to clarify what I think about what he's saying:

Collapse )

So, now, I'm putting this here in my LJ to see if anyone else thinks that it was sarcasm. I'm not naming names and I don't want to attack anyone, but I honestly want to know what people who are a little farther away from the whole helmet vs no-helmet arguement think about it this whole thing.

Oh, and based on the feedback I'm seeing elsewhere, I might suggest dropping him a line if you think that his article was interesting and thought provoking. I think he's getting a lot of hate mail right now and it seems like it would be cool to hear that at least some people got the point.
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