March 27th, 2005

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El Paso Darwin Award Winner

Man Drowns in Sinkhole

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Ok, let me get this straight, this guy drove AROUND the barricades, PAST the work crews trying to signal him to stop and his family is questioning the visibility of the barricades at the time of the accident? What the fuck is wrong with those people?

This is particularly aggravating to me because I work on streets semi-frequently and we are constantly having to account for inattentive, rude, aggressive and just flat out stooooopid people who quite frankly deserve to have bad things happen to them because of their actions. If you see big bright dayglo orange barricades and cones, and people are waving at you to stop, here's a hint....

Fucking Stop!

If you go AROUND the barricades then, I'm sorry, but it serves you right if you fall into a 15 foot deep sinkhole and drown.

That's what the barricades were attempting to barricade before you cleverly went AROUND them.


Seriously, if these people even think about filing a wrongful death suit on his behalf then I will have found a new "lowest form of human life" to mock and deride.... well ok, they won't be worse that some politicians, but they'll be pretty damn low.
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