June 24th, 2005

stupid stupid

Greedy Bastids

Well, it looks like Amazon's new Amazon Prime shipping service is having an effect on normal shipping. I ordered a few in-stock books on Monday and they only just shipped tonight. Usually, even using the free shipping option, they'd get things shipped out in time to be here by Friday or Monday (and usually it was UPS's bad if it wasn't here by Friday), now it looks like they won't be here until middle to end of next week.

Hrrrmmm :-/

And retailers wonder why people start shopping at other places. Best Buy lost my business because of their sketchy fees (even though the zero % interest thing is nice, it is annoying when they charge fees that they really don't need to).

Heh, oh well, there is always someone waiting to snatch up business from companies who forget about being nice to their customers.
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