October 27th, 2005


The pre-halloween, Victor is still alive update...

So for those of you on my friends list, sorry if I haven't had a chance to comment on your more intense, complicated, thought-provoking posts. I've read them all and I have stuff I'd like to say about them, but life has been very hectic lately (and sorry to those people I owe replies to as well) and I hate doing "lol" or "*hugs*" or "that sucks" etc... type comments. I know those help too sometimes, but I always feel like I should be able to say more and sometimes I end up not saying anything. That's something I need to work on as I get my time-managing act together.

Right now, I have lots of stuff to do and not all that much time to do it in. Everything from painting my house in preparation for it's appraisal, helping my dad with some jobs, a test this evening, helping plan two parties for this weekend (my parents' birthdays fall on the 27th and 30th), and some assembling of a "some assembly required" new toy, but it's all being done so I can relax and unwind this weekend.

I get to enjoy my favorite holiday and what's even better, I get to spend it with my favorite girl :).

All things considered, life is good, just crazy busy, but that's better than mind-numbingly boring.

So, now, back to the grind, but I leave you folks with this bit of niftiness from Boing Boing (of course)

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