December 4th, 2005


You know you have a lot on your mind when...

... in the process of taking dirty dishes from the living room (located on the first floor) to the kitchen (also located on the first floor) you find yourself holding said dirty dishes in the office (located on the second floor) vaguely embarrassed that in the five seconds it took to exit the living room you managed to forget that you were holding dirty dishes and to drop them off in the kitchen before you came upstairs to track something down.

So - yeah, I've had a lot on my mind (mostly work and finance related) and crazy amounts of actual work to do lately. I'm dealing with a sub-contractor who doesn't realize that blaming me for his trivial mistakes (particularly when I haven't chewed him out for those mistakes) is more than just a bit annoying. Work is going slower than I'd hoped and this will require some serious juggling and speediness in the next week, but so far the job is going fairly well (albeit it's highly stressful and there are tons of little details that are annoying to deal with on their own)

Strangely enough though, despite the various headaches of my day-to-day life of late, the girl easily makes everyday a good day. Even though work and finance stuff isn't going as smoothly as I'd hoped having her around makes me feel like the luckiest guy alive.

Anyways, I will have more to post in the coming days (including some pictures of the work mentioned above and some of the seasonal decorating we'll be doing). TTFN.
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