December 5th, 2005



So, for those of your who've been wondering about s and I. Here are some photos for your voyeuristic enjoyment.

First up, you have something quite rare indeed. Not one, but two photos of me and I'm actually smiling in both of them. It's probably not too hard to figure out the source of my giddiness:


s is of the opinion that the footprint photo that I posted last time looks better when cropped horizontally and I'm inclined to agree so here you have it again. Plus in a random moment of romantic silliness I managed to write out the message in the second photo without anyone figuring out what I was doing (although they were wondering what I was doing while I was shuffling around). It's not a perfect photo, but it still makes me smile.


For those of you who aren't familiar with the geography, White Sands National Mounument is more or less in the same area as White Sands Missile Range (where my sister works). She was our tour guide on this little excursion and while she was showing us around her office and the adjoining areas I discovered that WSMR has ceremonial ribbon cutting scissors. It probably goes without saying that I have a very silly sense of humor and a very understanding girlfriend ;)


So there you have it. Some photos to make-up for being a terrible LJer lately ;). Looking at the photos and thinking back to her visit makes me happy and I'm eagerly looking forward to spending just under a week with her in just over a week (yay, does happy dance).
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