December 11th, 2005


Santa Fe Travels...

So all the work of the last few weeks has almost paid off and my vacation starts tomorrow when the girl arrives in the AM (although I do need to go to a job before that and make sure things are squared away before I disappear), and I thought I'd throw this out for any folks in the Santa Fe area. The girl and I will be in town from tomorrow evening until sometime Wednesday, if any of you are in the mood to hang out (go grab food etc...) let me know (or alternately if any of you know of stuff to do in Santa Fe, I'd appreciate a heads-up even if you can't make it). Right now the only thing we have definitely planned for is snowboarding Tuesday, and we'd probably be up for random low-key entertainment options.

Will post more later once I tame the mountain of laundry on my bed.
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