February 2nd, 2006


Ok, so let me get this straight...

... cartoonists draw cartoons that portray Mohammad in unflattering ways (including wearing a turban shaped like a bomb with a lit fuse).

...and militant Islamic groups protest by firing guns into the air, and threatening to kidnap European workers if the EU doesn't apologize for the sacrilege....

So.... these people have transformed the age-old schoolyard principle of "I don't like what you said so I'm going to take my ball and go home" into "I don't like what you said so I'm going to brutally hurt and kill you." (since, historically, being kidnapped by those folks tends to dramatically shorten people's lifespans)




Now, normally, I loathe people who try to mitigate their cruel/crude behaviour by saying "oh it's just a joke" or "you need to lighten up" etc.. but you know, in this case, yeah, lighten up you over-important, self-righteous, religious nutjobs. We have enough trouble trying to keep our own religious fanatics in line without you guys showing up and making them look like moderates. I mean really, it's a freaking cartoon. If your view of the world is so fragile that it can't stand up to some random guy with a pencil and paper drawing a silly picture, then maybe you need to re-evaluate what you believe and how you look at the world.

If your reaction to someone using political satire to criticize your actions is to do the very things they're criticizing you of, then maybe, just maybe their sacrilegious cartoons aren't the problem.

Gah, and I thought our religious right was scary. Let's hope they never get any ideas from those psychos.

Obligatory Editorial Note: I'm not talking about all Muslims, or all Christians. I'm talking about "Militant Muslims" and "Christian Conservatives", basically people who use the memory of two very peaceful men to justify murder, destruction, and host of other evil behaviour. If you get your rocks off by finding ways to feel superior to other people based on what you believe then so be it, but don't be a punk by hiding behind Mohamed or Christ. Own your psychosis.