March 1st, 2006

mr bill

oops, he did it again...

What would a month be without more shenanigans from our favorite slightly deranged neighbor? Normal and peaceful.

Sadly March isn't going to be one of those months.

Just leave it to good ol' PN. Remember the fortifications he added back in January? Well apparently he broke his piggy bank because he was able to buy another sheet!

He was up on his garage installing it today (safety tip: don't let the really crazy guy play with the power tools, getting it juuuuust right, look at that quality craftsmanship, and admiring his work) and thus providing much needed additional fortifications and making his house look just a little bit more hideous.

What I find amusing about today's installation is that it doesn't serve a purpose. Given the angle that my windows are to his house, the new sheet doesn't actually intersect with any of the lines of sight from my house to his or even his yard. It's just out there for no apparent reason (kind of like him).

Oy vey.