May 9th, 2006


This is probably blasphemy...

... but, it strikes me that the Roman Catholic church really doesn't help itself by declaring that the Da Vinci Code is "blasphemous" and producing a documentary in rebuttal.[1]

Opus Dei looks particularly bad for demanding a "this is fiction" disclaimer before the movie

This plus the whole recurring Harry Potter debacle makes me wonder what Christian groups in general are saying about the people they deal with.

Why is it that they don't think people can understand that some books are based on actual events and some are make-believe....

Wouldn't you think that they'd be big advocates of the idea that people can tell "real" from "fiction" and that they'll only believe "real" books....

Unless of course they know that people will believe fictional stories... which, given their own religious source material....

[1] This isn't intended as an attack on anyone's religion, more of an amusing observation about choosing your fights carefully...
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Oy vey

Having seen the changes at more and more parks and schools, I was suspecting this, but it's hard to believe that some people want to:

Take the Play out of Playgrounds

I mean, WTF? Is it any wonder we're becoming a country of fat lazy couch potatoes? Either the kids learn to sit on their ass playing video games all day or they are "hyperactive" and get diagnosed with ADHD and they get prescribed drugs to deal with it.

Ugh. Whatever happened to letting kids be kids?

This is right up there with the whole "no one loses" thing that some schools do. No one wins, no one loses, hurray for mediocrity!


Kind of reminds me of this Eddie Izzard bit from D2K:

"What the fuck have you been smoking, eh? Certainly you haven't been smoking in a bar in California, that's for certain!" ‘Cause you can't! No, no smoking in bars now, and soon, no drinking and no talking! Be careful, California! You're supposed to be the crazy state, the out there, the wild ones, you know? In the future, everyone's going to say, "Come down to the library, we'll have a wild time, shall we? “

Thanks to jetgrrl for the link original link.
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