July 1st, 2006


This is getting old...

So I came across this article right now:

Study: Hands-free phone not safer on road

and it got on my nerves a bit. I do a lot of driving for my job, and people talking on cell phones aren't the only or even the most annoying "bad" drivers out there. Honestly, I'm getting a bit bored/annoyed with the constant comparison of cell phones to drunk driving (and the implication that those are the two worst things you can do while driving). What I'd like to see is a study that compared ALL major forms of automobile distractions (talking with your friend in the passenger seat, screaming at your kids in the backseat, changing CDs/fiddling with the radio/DVD/Navigation system, shaving/putting on make-up etc...) and then gave us an idea of where drunk driving and cell phone use fall in the grand scheme of things.

The results from this study (3 accidents for the cell phone users, none for the drunk drivers) makes me wonder if maybe the old "I'm a better driver when I'm drunk" excuse doesn't have some truth to it when you compare it to how a given person normally drives (i.e. paying attention to other things), not to how they should be driving.
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